Early Catalogs
This catalog is the 1949 version and it has great original artwork by Gus Maanum on the cover. His artwork shows up in a great deal of the advertising media used by Bell Auto Parts. We have selected some significant and representative ads from this catalog to share with you on this site.

This cover is from the 1956 Catalog. This catalog shows the shift in focus to proprietary products like the Cragar engine adaptors and the new line of helmets.

Bell catalogs can be found at automotive swap meets and on sites like EBAY from time to time. They are a great historical reference just like an early Sears Catalog shows what the customer of the period was likely to order.

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This great cover shot of a very early (before WWII) Bell Auto Parts catalog proves that George Wight also had some experience with direct marketing. He probably handed these out at local events and mailed them to a customer list he kept. I have not seen an advertisement that mentions a catalog. The midget on the cover looks like a Cragar Junior that was a "house car" owned by George.